XAUUSD, AUDCHF|More profitable trades!|Forex Trade Ideas & Analysis

XAUUSD, AUDCHF|More profitable trades!|Forex Trade Ideas & Analysis

📅 November 28, 2022

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Our number one goal at Simply Forex is to help YOU, the trader. We want you to succeed in the markets and become a consistently profitable trader. We aim to pass on all our knowledge and expertise and also our experiences through a series of tutorials. Once you have mastered the training we will then focus on strategies that you can actually use in the markets. We would also like to hear from you and understand what you need help with when trading so we can tailor our tutorials to suit your needs. Together we can achieve anything!!!

I am not a financial advisor. All videos on my channel are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. This channel demonstrates how I invest and day trade, but does not suggest that a viewer of this channel should use any particular strategy.

Investing of any kind involves risk, and past results are no indication of future performance. Your investments are solely your responsibility and not mine. While day trading can bring serious gains, it can (and often does) also bring a likelihood of serious losses! If you decide to invest, make sure you do your own research to fully understand the commodity class and the operation of the market before doing so.

You could sustain a loss in excess of your initial investment and therefore should not invest money that you can’t afford to lose. The fluctuation of the market can work for you or against you. You should carefully consider your investment objectives and experience before deciding to trade in the market. Again, what you invest in is solely your responsibility.

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