Weird! Riding Japan's Spaceship-like Train in Tokyo | Laview Express

This time, we are riding the “spaceship” train, Laview, from Tokyo to Saitama. Just relax and enjoy the weird train ride!

– Trip Information –
Train Name: Laview
Route: Tokyo to Hanno
Class: Standard
Fare: 980JPY/6.8USD

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* I use Google Translate to translate English subtitles to multiple languages. So please know that there might be some errors or miswordings in those languages.

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  1. 昨日この動画を拝見して早速ラビューに乗って来ました!すごく乗り心地が良かったです。秩父まで行ったんですが、車内は寝息があちこちから聞こえてなんとも平和でした^ ^ 途中飯能駅から逆走する形で面白かったです。また乗りたいです!

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  5. Is it still required to wear a mask there???? Reserved seats?? LOL Hardly anyone on it. Monks need money? I thought they were beyond that. Are you sure it wasn't someone dressed that way to get free money?? I really liked this train! Wearing masks outside in nature is just plain silly. That Starbucks store ruined the whole ambience of nature..bleh. It was disgusting seeing that man finger through his hair and shaking it..gross.

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