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This Can Send The S&P500 To Lows In A Hurry… | Trading Stocks To $100,00 EP. 109

In this video we are covering this past week in the stock market, portfolio updates and what you need to ready for next week!

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  1. Some major short covering today! Not me. I was the crazy one long and it paid BIG. We need a follow through day tomorrow for this to hold. Will the bears have the balls to short if we remain green?? I took my money and ran. I'll wait for tomorrow.

  2. You’re too humble. I’ve been following you for quite some time now as well as purchased your course and I believe you are on the right path to growth and development. I love your analysis and everything else you bring to the table.

  3. awesome week for you man 👏🏼A dumping dollar definitely feels nice and gladly appreciated, good for the stock market and commodities which I am both bullish on. Next weeks CPI is going to be a banger though going to see if inflation is starting to fall harder but I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the “easy money shorts” won’t be so easy money.

  4. Great stuff as always Thomas. I'm making a video now for what I think may be the final leg down for crypto in December after the next FED meeting. Generational buy opportunities incoming! Again, appreciate the content and keep up the great work.

  5. I am pretty sure oil is waiting until the election and it is going to break hard in the upward direction even with demand shrinking for gas but the demand for diesel is up and the shortage issues are going to cause the cost of goods to go up due to diesel cost going up really fast.

  6. Only advice would be to narrow down equities traded. I can trade 3 tickers every week and I continuously hit my goal. I've stopped trading $SPY a long time ago, because you can't look away for ONE second without a potential huge swing in your contracts.

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