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Qatar 2022: A World Cup Built On Lies

From the word go, the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar has been mired in controversy in scandal – and whilst we were told by FIFA that all that controversy would be forgotten about as soon as the football started, that hasn’t been the case.

There’s a very good reason for that, and that’s because this entire World Cup is built on lies; lies about when it would be played, lies about migrant workers conditions, even lies about beer in the stadiums!

So in this video, HITC Sevens takes a look at some of FIFA and Qatar most notable lies around the 2022 World Cup, exploring the world’s most dishonest soccer tournament in more depth, and why you shouldn’t be fooled.


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  1. The only lies are coming from you and all those trying to sabotage Qatar world cup .unfortunately there are many unwise wester people who blindly believe your bullshit. And think what you are telling them is the truth . Are you gonna be a man brave enough to criticize USA human rights abuse when they host the next world cup .

  2. FIFA could never strip Qatar because in all likelihood, while "transitions" aka bribes, that occurred to win the votes to give Qatar the World Cup may have been cash in hand untraceable transactions, I have no doubt, a government like Qatar's would have gone above and beyond their means to ensure that they had leverage over FIFA. Leverage I am sure that Qatar pointed to every time a broken promise jilted FIFA into making statements about stripping Qatar of their World Cup.

  3. 'Draconian laws' said a guy who doesn't speak a single Arabic word, probably never visited the MENA region, and is just joining the wagon of braindead naïve hatred-filled bunch.

  4. Well.. since you mentioned Christianity i would answer about the original sin that you inherent when you were born. Were you thought to lie? No you didn't. There you see your original sin. You were thought to say the truth. God bless you.

  5. يا قطر كسبت محبة المسلمين والله ما شانك بغض الغرب المنافق بل زادك رفعة , فلينبحوا كما هو ديدنهم

  6. It brings me great anger that these people are representing the first World Cup in a Muslim country if you can call them that with all this shit, myself being a Muslim. They will burn in hell and I hope their wives cheat on them and their children turn gay

  7. Keep politics out of football. This is so ridiculous. Just because it is a muslim country, the western media are criticising the tournament and country heavily just because they have different values to the west and that it doesn't suite their agenda as the west is a failed society. A lot of facts and numbers about migrant works are way exaggerated and upon lies set by the western media to cause issues within society and divide it. Its sad to see that the western media as brainwashed people to making them believe that Qatar and the rest of the east of the world are bad and corrupted because culture are not similar. When you go to a country you have to respect their rules and culture like other people when they go to a western country to visit or live to respect and obey by their rules. There is a reason why Qatar made those rules.

  8. Mate, your profiting off migrant workers by making this video, its not like the proceeds are going to charity. Also the UK and USA was built off slavery. The Hypocracy of these videos are a joke…we currently have 5 million children in the UK who live in poverty.

  9. The Islamophobia argument is tiring. All of these middle eastern countries are literally ruled by dictatorships. They can cry islamaphobia all they want but I for one don’t have a problem with Islam. I have a problem with dictators forcing sharia law on non Muslims.

  10. it's a $hith0le country, treats their own people and foreign workers like crap, and having criminal laws like they were from 1200 century … They get the world cup. Menwhile Rushiain athletes are getting banned for no reason, can't participate in anything.

  11. You still making videos bout this?? Yet guarantee you watching every game!! Quit the fake outrage every 4 years then you move on to the next one once the tournament is over!! Have you visited Russia or Brazil since the last world cups were there?? To check on the suffering ppl you care so deeply about ? Nope as long as you get your allotted money from YouTube & advertisers you’re good!! I subscribe to your page am about to unsubscribe soon with the nonesense

  12. all the sudden first worlders are social justice warriors. yes it's corrupt, but it's a game. if first worlders want to make an impact start with the damage their countries and international capitalists produce. your favorite tourny is ruined by qatar greed, well how does your own medicine taste. they are just taking the lessons of western international capitalists and applying it themselves.

  13. I don't often comment on videos, however, Alfie is completely right in everything he says. It's just been one lie after another since they won (bribed and bought) the bid in 2010.

  14. While I like the tone and message from the video. The obnoxious eurocentrism of this channel is kinda annoying… this isn't the first winter world cup. Literally every world cup in the southern hemisphere was held in winter…
    unless you are a flat earther and don't belive in that…

  15. Your going to have a field day in a few years when America is going to be one of the host nations, there are legitimate criticisms that you can throw at Qatar absolutely but I expect the media and channels like this to be consistent.

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