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Massive Monkees vs Good Foot (Japan) – top 16 | stance | FREESTYLE SESSION 2022 4K

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  1. Kudos to all these kids keeping the true art of breaking alive & moving it up to the next level of its evolution. Love all the footwork, the transitions, everything.
    These kids look like they are moving in slow motion & in rewind most of the time. So dope.
    Hope Paris gets it together to put b-boys & girls & breaking on the biggest pedestals & platforms of their lives…the Olympics!!!!! That would make me tune into the Olympics.
    Should've been there years ago. If anyone understood the kind of day in & day out practice, physical exertion, physical conditioning & unconditional devotion it takes to be this superb, breaking would be one of the most popular highlights of the Olympics.
    They should have crazy legs or Mr Wiggles commentate for it.
    Great vid.

  2. Felt like Jeromeskee took it, then Good Foot took it back with their last guy (blonde hair)

    Love the musicality from Massive, but need a few more power moves and a better/crisper routine

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