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Market ki Baat with Varinder Bansal | Here's where investors will make money in the next 10 years

Market ki Baat with Varinder Bansal | Here’s where investors will make money in the next 10 years

0:00 – Introduction
0:30 – About Varinder Bansal
2:08 – Can we see a 12% up move in Nifty by 2023 end?
15:03 – No 1 Question that Varinder Bansal gets more often
18:11 – How to start with investment as beginners?
19:28 – Asset allocation is important?
21:33 – How to find red flags in a company?
24:07 – Can a fresher make a good amount of return in the stock market?
25:44 – Top sector that can be bullish for next 2-3 years
29:00 – Top stocks to watch out from the sector
33:44 – Grasim & Asian paint fight – Entry barrier?
36:13 – Stocks at all time high – Should we invest?
37:47 – What is data backed actionable research?
40:23 – Why is it important for promoter to have strong shareholding in company?
43:02 – How is small & midcap investing different from large cap investing?
45:12 – How to have patience?
46:11 – Conclusion
46:35 – Key Learning

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  1. always looked up to Bansal sir…still remember sitting with pen and note-book when Bansal sir used to come on TV…and then he launched omkara smallcase…glad to know that my investments are guided by a pro

  2. About who are unhappy about topics discussed here..ok.. that means govt and politics has nothing to do with market.. govt policies and political will is main thing to drive market… I have not seen psu s doing so well in my life time… they are literally driving market for 1 month.. we should give lill credit to its promoters.. ie govt of India… and performance of rail stocks what a beautiful turn back.. its literally change in mindset of psu s from socialistic, communist mind set to capitalistic mind set.. what best thing can a share market investors can seen in their lifetime… all the best… has anybody seen psu factories there will be big big communist banners explaining stories why they were so shady in their performance.. its changing..

  3. Hi neeraj

    Plz bring Sandeep tandon of Quant for the episode. The Hot fund manager of current times. Some unique strategy he is playing which is giving abnormal return. Want to learn his strategy.

  4. This is the most worst episode of Market ki Baat… Isko lagta hai india last 7years me grow kiya hai… Aur last 50years me kuch nahi hua hai… Abe BSDK last 50years me agar india grow nahi karta toh aaj YouTube me aakar AC office me political Bakchodi nahi jhad raha hota… Please please don't call these Political influenced people…

  5. Just negating the basics has become a fashion and political influence in the current atmosphere is very much possible but people who run investment firms need to share unbiased and a very sensible thought. This persons opinion is completely skewed kindly vet the panel with care .

  6. अखण्ड महामूर्ख जिसके अनुसार 2014 से ही भारत बना, ऐसे नमूनों को आप अपने प्लेटफॉर्म पर न लाये तो बेहतर होगा

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