Intraday Trade Analysis : NZDCAD : NZDCHF : NZDJPY : NZDUSD 2022/11/26

Technical analysis of Forex gold currency pairs and cryptocurrencies

Understanding how to implement technical analysis correctly in your trading is one of the most important things you need to create a profitable trading career. If you do not understand technical analysis or if you do not know how to use technical analysis correctly, then your chances of creating profits from trading are near ZERO. But, don’t worry. Today, we are going to fix that! Enjoy

▪︎Market updates, analysis, forecasts and trading ideas. All content is personal opinion for informational purposes ABSOLUTELY NOT investment advice as I am not a financial advisor

▪︎ Disclaimer
All decisions are yours, I am not responsible if an unfortunate loss occurs.

▪︎Risk warning:
We are talking about Futures Market, Anything can happen, Market is always like that. Don’t risk more than 1% of your account

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