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Breakfast with Stephen and Anne | Sunday 27th November

It’s Stephen and Anne here. Join us for the weekend breakfast show Britain is turning to. News from around our great country and the world is live here on GB News Breakfast.

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  1. Ken Starr is exactly what you need A man who can’t Speak up front the difference between the species he has a wife he doesn’t know that he’s a man and she’s a woman if he hasn’t figured that one out yet and he hast to hesitate about a question the difference between a man and woman a man has a penis in a woman has a vagina didn’t want to offend anyone how can you offend the truth if he can’t be truthful about The difference of a man in a woman I can’t imagine how much truth you gonna have when he’s in power. Either you need to establish another party or you need to get New leadership for the conservative party. When the Labour Party comes in they’re going to make some drastic changes. Don’t underestimate Ken Starr he’s a very shrewd strategists he Is a man of action big plans for England.

  2. Does your issue deserve more attention & taxpayer $$$ then children without food, shelter clothes? Is your need to become a woman or woman to man more then an area facing a disaster?
    Gift exchange for RF came across as joke gifts, not MEAN gifts. Your opinion puts a totally different spin on truth. I don't like it when broadcasters do thaf🇺🇸

  3. Stupid comment about too many administrators in NHS. Who will make sure the there is a bed for you; who will make sure that the operating theatre is clean; who will order drugs and bandages, who will order the food; who will maintain the computer systems etc. British people are really stupid. Do really want a nurse or a doctor to do all this???

  4. Let in 1000 people into the country every week with no doubt at least 50% of them being criminals then just what do you expect our once great country is being detroyed and fast !!!

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