Bitcoin Bull and Bear (Podcast Episode 76)

Trying to figure out Bitcoin’s future is important.  It still takes the entire market with it.  We take an honest and realistic look at what we can expect going forward, attempting to break through the rhetoric, and uncover some of the other things Bitcoin brings to the table.

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  1. So honest and true. You are so dam right about transparency it hit me hard. If I had power over money I certainly wouldn't want you to see what I am doing with it or how do I get it. And who can take these people down? Can we do that? Can Bitcoin?

  2. Let's assume a form of crypto becomes the norm. Fully backed by your Gov. Now all your transactions can be followed. Step out of line and you get sanctioned. Your account partially frozen, no travel visa, no health care, no good school for your kids, shitty jobs only, and perhaps no food. It is already happening in China and in Canada! Is this what you guys want? Then Crypto is for you.

  3. I've been listening to you for a few years now VP, but how can you say that banks are being run just as poorly as FTX? In his report, John Ray III. has written that in all his 40 years of experience as an insolvency professional, he's never seen such a management catastrophe as FTX. They literally confirmed transactions and made decisions with "personalised emojis".
    Banks are a hell lot more regulated and you cannot compare something such as FTX, where SBF had been proven to have lied, to the big banks.
    Your comment implies ignorance of all the regulation that the banks need to follow to even exist, let alone operate.

  4. The killer app feature that nobody sees coming with crypto and blockchain is the smart contract. The idea that I can trade on a DEX without giving up custody of my crypto is mind blowing. Smart contracts are totally trustless and there are business innovations coming that we can’t even imagine. Yes, you have to know how the specific contract functions, but that can be said about ANY contract.

  5. Thank you Patrick for another great lesson I love ❤️ it ❤️❤️💕💕💕I appreciate you vp remember that book you introduced us death of the dollar and rise of digital currency after reading that book I expect anything

  6. Hey VP, you need to check out Aleph Zero ($AZERO). Great team behind it. Extremely fast and has all the bells and whistles. Great buy for the longterm.

  7. Bitcoin is pseudonymous, meaning identity is not linked to transactions, unless a participant publicly announces a given transaction/address is their own.

  8. I'm always fascinated at how well presented and articulated your podcasts are, very rational and grounded. Did you learn to speak professionally, or are you just naturally charismatic?

  9. What if I were to say that i made a prediction when Bitcoin was at 30K back in May. And I predicted it would drop to 15K, then it would sit right round 14-16K for a while. Would you believe me? Probably not, but I made a video about it too!! Anyway Thanks for the insight VP, you are a revolutionist.

  10. I disagree with the notion that Americans are "leading the charge" with Bitcoin. They are the ones doing a disservice in fact. Also if they don't get behind it, other nations will. The great thing about a truly decentralized digital asset.

  11. It may be true that the current generation has grown up to trust the banks. However if you look back to the 1930's you will see that this trust is misplaced. We may be about to learn that lesson all over again.

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