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  1. You have a lot to say about Risk / Reward (and I agree with your point of view), but at 21 mins 30 sec's into this aint you just targeting a 1:1 Risk / Reward ?
    Also I dont see any reason for it to make that high – unless there has been some unmentioned fundamental analysys?

  2. Two types of trading shares, Spread betting and for long term investing. I invest long term in shares and stick to the ones who have less debt, have a good amount of cash reserves, Good management team. These tend to turn out to be well known shares(Apple, Coca Cola, Cisco, etc). I also get dividends back on some of them which will depend on how many shares you own.

    I'm sure you will do fine with shares just trial and error for other newbies possibly use a demo account and keep an eye on company releases as well(Financial reports, Management changes, Layoffs etc) basically anything to do with the company which could effect the share price. Good luck though!

  3. Great idea and really looking forward to this as I already trade shares and trying to learn spreadbetting hence my membership of the Discord group and I'm sure you will make a success of this type of trading as well.

  4. Excellent strategy and implementation Scruffy, lots of well defined common-sense application here, really looking forward to see how this progresses. Many thanks for sharing.

  5. They are not friendly to my android device. I was curious if you could just screen the 50 and the 200 as just being close. Im thinking a prop firm I am looking at does .5 percent risk management on the 2 minute with one penny below the candle but I am not sure how that translates into a daily chart.

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