This Is Happening In Comex – Andrew Maguire | Silver Price Gold price Prediction

This Is Happening In Comex – Andrew Maguire | Silver Price Gold price Prediction

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  1. big trouble at the comex ya right, it is rigged & it will allways be rigged these people are above the law, the manipulators are laughing at the doj, they are saying the doj can't stop us, we are bigger than they are, as the manipulation is still happening as we speak, so for u to say the rigging will stop is laughable, they are making to much money on this ponzi scheme, & they are paying off the doj to turn a blind eye to this b.s. ha mr buffet they are stealing money from you every time they tamp it down & putting it into their pocket.

  2. I just happen to know somebody that's a 30-year trader at the Chicago mercantile exchange and the silver and gold market and called him yesterday and said the fomo of not getting silver is unwarranted he told me specifically yesterday there's plenty of silver to be had.

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