SILVER & GOLD Make You The Family Fool? 🤪🤪

Will you be regarded as the family financial Guru or the family fool, for your decision to invest in gold, silver and precious metal mining stocks, when you take a look at all of the crazy things going on in the economy, inflation, recession and a slowing business environment, the future looks bright for gold price and silver price.

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Informational purposes only. Do not buy or sell anything, make any type of investment decision, adopt a puppy, get engaged or do anything based upon the information I share with you.

Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.

~Theodore Rubin

I have many sources of information, amongst which are the voices in my head.

My current portfolio:
EQX, FSM, FFMGF, BBBXF, USAS, TSRMF, FSXLF, KGC, GOLD in order of highest to lowest position size.

ALSO hold positions in:

Equinox Gold EQX
Fortuna Silver FSM
First Mining Gold FFMGF
Brixton Metals BBBXF
America’s Gold & Silver USAS
Fosterville South Exploration FSXLF
Treasury Metals TSRMF
Kinross Gold KGC
Barrick Gold GOLD
Hecla HL
First Magestic AG
Newmont NEM
Agnico Eagle AEM
Arizona Metals AZMCF
Snowline Gold SNWGF
HUI Index
Wall Street Silver
Stock market
Russel 2000
Dow Jones
Federal Reserve Bank

I follow Rick Rule, Keith Neumeyer, Frank Giustra, Michael Gentile, Eric  Sprott, Larry Lepard, Kitco, Stansberry, Brent Cooke, Peter Grandich, David Hunter, Daniela Cambone, John Feneck, Bill Powers, Stansberry Research, Rafi Farber, Charles Nenner, Greg Hunter,  Goldman Sachs, Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, Peter Schiff, Andy Schectman, Michael Oliver, Kai Hoffman, Steven Van Metre, Jim Rickards, Russel Brand, Gerald Celente, Ed Steer, Ron Paul, J Bravo, Michael Pento, Gregory Mannarino, Lyn Alden, Heresy Financial, Sorelle Amore, I LOVE PROSPERITY, Gareth Soloway, Graham Stephan, Parker Schnabel, Jeffrey Gundlach, Michael Maloney

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Are you going to be the family’s Golden Goose or the big fool?

DO YOU BUY S / G for safety and security of your family?

You ever get the feeling bad things are coming….are they really that bad?

Let me know what you think….


Fedex old planes
Maersk largest container ship op…cancel sails
17 percent spend less on holidays
47 million American retirees jobs
25% Londoners no savings…1500 lbs
President Xi & Crown Prince MBS meet
US government debt
1971 USD 95%




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  1. I love how the stackers constantly spout the virtues of Russia and China and the East. If you think they are so great go live there. Put your 5000 year old money where your mouth is. I'm staying in the US even with the fiat dollar. I want no part of dictatorships like the East.

  2. I like the attitude here. PLEASE don't go to the video tape over that others are using….the photos of gold bars, silver coins, general graphs that have NOTHING to do with the audio.
    I have unsubbed from all of them, and as others take it up.

  3. Red states getting redder and I guess the left wants more inflation, more crime more fentanyl deaths more drug use more needles more poop on the streets more curoption. I don't see anyway this doesn't end well. Weather it's the red states peaceful withdrawal from the union or a two way rifle range. It's a pity that the left is being bought out by the Chinese communist government and most of the kool-aid hair fruit cakes don't care

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