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OIL TYCOON Event Explained: Crude Crisis

Here’s a video explaining how the oil tycoon event works in crude crisis in Mafia City.

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  1. There is something screwed with this event, in Crude Crisis scores i can see some people getting 1M points, that is impossible to get. Even at price of 50 you would need 20k barrels to get there, i can get around 700-800 ish each day, 5 sites, avg 3 slots, avg 50 barrels. So either there is something missing in this description or someone found way to exploit this event.

  2. Send a guide video for the new Vigilante training room feature …. its confusing bro, it's vigilantes stats or our full stats increase …. also, advantage to use purple vigilantes , because some purple vigilantes I use as well to lead ops …. awaiting your guide bro

  3. Thanks for the info.
    Unrelated: If you send a march to a tower or building, and have vigilantes and renegades in the march. Then send a second march to reinforce, that also has vigilantes and renegades in it to reinforce. Do those vigilante buffs stack up, or will only the first ones be used?
    Also, in a super raid, do the renegade buffs apply to everyone's troops? Like if I'm using Lan Wing, should I tell guys joining to send more vehicles? Or just go with the other troop types because I'll have way higher stats there?

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