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Is There Light at the End of The Bear Market Tunnel?

Thursday’s CPI inflation report sent the pre-market stock futures into orbit. Is this data a gamechanger for the bullish case?


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  1. 1. Bear markets are marked by sustained drops in stock prices, about 20%.

    We're now down 25%, and looking like we have further to go.

    This bubble will be one for the history books.

  2. I'm expecting this to be short-lived. Hah, I even hope it is. I want to be able to pick up as many cheap stocks for a few more months and shoot back up along with the market. Oh well, it's a market of stocks. Not a stock market.

  3. "Is There Light at the End of The Bear Market Tunnel?"… I would like to just remind everyone that you can see light from a really, really long way away. Be careful. 😅

  4. I'm expecting this to be short-lived. Hah, I even hope it is. I want to be able to pick up as many cheap stocks for a few more months and shoot back up along with the market. Oh well, it's a market of stocks. Not a stock market.

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  6. Despite the dip in crypto, I still thank you for the level-headed financial advice. I started forex and crypto investment with $4,345 and since following you for few weeks now, I’ve gotten $18,539 in my portfolio.

    Thanks so much Mrs. Karen Cosmann.

  7. No light yet. This weeks rally is just a dead cat bounce. A rally trap. We still have the economic cycle to complete. Unemployment will rise. 2023 will be rough. Only until oil production is increased( i presume after the 2024 election) will the tide really turn. When that happens inflation will drop because of oil and production costs will lower, which is one of the factors in in our current inflation. The other is government spending and money printing. Good luck out there!

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  9. This contradicts what was prevously discussed on FED pivots and the down turns that follow. I do not think we can even be close to the bottom if we have not had the FED pivot and market drop that in the past has followed it.

  10. NO! But there might be a bear in the shadows as we look for that light.

    What has changed except a small difference in the CPI reading? Just last week we heard references to 3000 or even 2800-ish. All this talk about 4200 is just as premature. Rather than focus on a few candlesticks and compare them to charts from 15 or 20 years ago, I'd like to see some earnings projections and then their past comparisons.

    You can't invest week-by-week waiting for government numbers, election results, and speeches to drive the market. Realize that higher interest rates and inflation are going to hurt earnings. Keep your cash safe and wait for these rates to justify a switch into equities. Neither a one-day freak move in the S&P or a tiny drop in CPI qualify as justifiable.

  11. The stock market is and has always been the best place to make substantial income. Which is why I still find myself pumping funds into the Stock market and trading aggressively, Away from all the distractions around. I still make profits from my investments, made $260,000 last year.

  12. Can you speak to the Buffet indicator, GDP versus stocks? We are at the same level now as the peak in 2,000 AD, way above the mean for GDP versus stocks. Seems stocks are still grossly over valued using the Buffet indicator. Just sayin. Doesn't the $10 TRILLION in debt notes printed in 2021, doubling stocks, inflating stocks and all items, matter at all? Seems government caused this inflation via the Fed. Is it all just a debt note IOU debt bubble? Are we all working for nothing, as debt slaves for IOUs?

  13. seems like psy would support that so much money going into the market at approx S&P 3500 and now 3800 would create a huge zone of resistance in both places. i got out at the end of 2021 and just got back in again.

  14. One man, Fed chairman, rules the world? Ben Bernanke saved the world and got a Nobel prize for saving us? Powell prints food and fuel, ends wars, and rules the world? The US dollar is only variable in the world global system of dominion? This seems very myopic seeing only one variable. Debt dollar gives us a distorted view as an dishonest measure. Deep state is having less success keeping the dollar ruling the world. Protect yourself. Be diversified. Glad I am wealthy, retired, and don't need stocks.

  15. Last week's video was the most bearish I've seen on this channel talking about sub 3000 on SP500 and now just a week later one of the most bullish videos. What I've noticed on this channel is that this guy is bearish when market is falling and bullish when market is rising. How is this helpful exactly? Would love for someone to ebglihten me.

  16. As I mentioned last week, we were coming into good seasonality. This is why I moved a little more long into the market. I've not seen Chris count that. It's not a huge issue, but I think it helps.

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