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Hundreds of migrants still at sea as Italy closes ports to NGO rescue ships • FRANCE 24 English

Two German-run migrant rescue ships carrying nearly 300 rescued people were waiting off the eastern coast of Sicily on Saturday, one with permission to disembark the most vulnerable migrants while the other’s request for a safe port has gone unanswered despite “critical” conditions on board.

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  1. keep it up italy. it will minimise comming violence to italian society from that migrants. but if there are educated migrants they are the ones that should be selected to taken from any nation. ❤

  2. France had to welcome 3500 migrants in a year, while in Italy about 90.000 migrants arrived here from genuary 2022. Also France occupied and used to it's own benefit african countries, wich economy and society got severely damaged. Even not considering the colonial imperialistic past, France still has a strong grip on western african countries with the CFA frank, so they are still weakening african economy to enrich themselves. In conclusion I think that France before complaining with Italy should start actually welcoming a right amount of migrants and also should leave western african countries being independent instead of stealing from those 3rd world countries. Pure


  3. the German and Norwegian boats take the migrants in unclear ways, that is: they are not saved but they are journeys planned and paid handsomely, once here the illegal immigrades are kept by the Italian taxpayers. Either Libya will stabilize militarily and put an end to this slavery disguised as a rescue or they will force the Italian people to throw healthy young immigrants back into the sea, with fashionable haircuts and designer shoes at sea, next time also the captains of the NGOs they will swim. Can you imagine if an Italian ship takes migrants to Spain or France and pretends to leave them there and they refuse to leave? a diplomatic disaster would happen. yes to the aid of the needy NO to the maintenance of people who take advantage.
    Thanks to France who is helping us 🙏 🙏

  4. Look up Castel Volturno, it’s what is now an African town in Italy, overrun with Nigerian críme syndicates.

    "They are terrible. They are effectively very violent. It's a kind of primordial violence." – Surgeon Vincenzo Schiavone from the Pineta Grande hospital.

    80% of víolent críme in Italy is from who they let in, that’s an actual stat, directly from Italian políce reportš.

  5. Until a hard line in drawn this will continue. No one should be allowed off the ships. The NGO should be charged with human smuggling. Stop dangling the carrot of immigration to people who have no right to it. It’s like watching Zebras cross a croc filled river and calling it humanitarian aid, knowing some will die and the rest don’t have the right, and some of those zebra’s are a snake in black and white costumes.

  6. That’s what a far right 😂government is for and we ain’t getting one any time soon in the uk
    Imagine a government looking after its borders and people what ever next 😅

  7. Italy is doing the right thing. If this overpopulation is not stopped, it will get worse. Let them go back home and deal with their over population. It is inhumane to make babies you cannot provide for.

  8. It's irrelevant what the 'medical' condition of anyone is of those picked up by the NGO ships.

    They are trying to break into a Country without wanting to go through the 'Visa' route.

    The NGO vessels should be seized and repurposed as off-shore detention centres, for illegal immigrants.

  9. I guess the German ship SOS Humanity should set course for Hamburg. The Norwegian NGO ship, for Oslo.

    Their respective countrymen will be ecstatic to receive more shiploads per week.

  10. I really didn't think meloni would carry this through. I thought she was a wef puppet and said what was necessary to get elected. If she is a true Italian patriot then Italy have struck gold.
    Unlike UK whose current incumbents have uturned and lied to electorate

  11. We are lucky to have her on the European border as she may properly start a Australian style immigration process that will save many lives by stopping boats leaving at all

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