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Eagles Fall, Warriors Woes, & This or That | What's Wright?

On today’s episode, Nick discusses the Commanders ending Philly’s undefeated season. Then, Nick debates if it is time to sound the alarm on the Warriors season, and talks about the latest chapter in the Nets drama story. Later, Nick determines if the Packers have life, if the Chiefs are walking into a trap, and whether or not LeBron made the worst decision of his career in This or That. Lastly, Nick wraps the show with some questions from the audience.

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About What’s Wright? With Nick Wright:
Hosted by sports personality and star of FS1’s “First Things First,” What’s Wright? With Nick Wright will see Nick dish his hot takes on the biggest topics in the world of sports, while sharing the behind-the-scenes of his family life. He’ll play games, make lists, and most importantly, he’ll tell you what’s Wright.

Eagles Fall, Warriors Woes, & This or That | What’s Wright?

What’s Wright? with Nick Wright


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  1. I'm a big diehard football
    Fan ,Kansas City chiefs.
    Since 1970-1971
    But also a soccer game
    About same time since world cup 1970 when pele from Brazil won the world cup.
    I'm very surprised you know your soccer,
    I know your a master on football but soccer too
    Damn beautiful picks!!
    I'm 61 years old from Hollister CA go chiefs!!

  2. I love nick but he clearly doesn’t know anything about soccer. Iran and Canada DOMINATED qualifying. Claiming that they have no shot is silly and saying that Costa Rica has no shot when they won a group 2 world cups ago with England Uruguay and Italy shows how little he understands soccer

  3. Nick! My man you're doing a great job on the show and the YouTube channel! I get a bunch of my sports news and betting tips for you guys! And Damonzae! (hope I spelled that right) Absolutely keep it up with the broadcasting! Best wishes gentlemen, thanks for the excellent content!

  4. Nick is the ultimate sports junkie. Would love to see some hockey love once in a while too, just for the lulz and the sports diversity along with this FIFA talk. Love the pod, love you guys, hopefully Damonza outshines Nick as is foretold by the prophecy

  5. see how nick says “oh it was overwhelming likely and the eagles it seemed it was locked up” like no bro you were wrong and made premature assumptions😭🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. Friendly neighborhood European and football fan here 👋🏻

    Be careful putting that parlay with Mexico getting through on, Poland are as good if not a little better.

    Also disagree on Ecuador being more likely to get through, Senegal have some considerable Premier League star-power and have come on in a big way.

    Best bet you can make imo is Neymar for golden boot.

  7. Dear Nick and D'monze (i hope i wrote it properly) i am your Mexico's biggest fan, i swear i have followed you for years, I HOPE YOU SEE THIS COMMENT, i want to spear you some money on your world cup bets, regarding the one that involves México, please do not bet on Mexico getting out of the group stage, Poland and Argentina will do it, Poland have Balon d'or winner Robert Lewandowski and the team overall is better than Mexico, our coach Tata Martino is trash, Sweden beat us in our last game 2-1 with the bench, this Mexico team is filled with washed vets that can't play anymore, we will not make it believe me it is a bad bet on Mexico, i like most of if in other comments i will give you my group stage picks

  8. I’m a big gym guy don’t worry abt it I can bench more then 315lbs now but when I started I could barely do a couple reps of 135 everyone starts somewhere also really try to not let it get to u Bc I hurt my back deadlifting and I try’d to work my way back into it but some Hot girls where watching and I was doing a weight that should be very easy for me but with my injury it wasn’t and I forced it up and ended up hurting myself worse 😂

  9. Very little chance Ecuador goes through ahead of Senegal. Senegal just won the Africa Cup of Nations and they have a number of European based players including depth. I would bet on Senegal finishing first in the group ahead of the Netherlands, but Sadio Mane will be out for the first game or two.

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